30 for 30

To celebrate 30 years of World Hertiage Status, we've put together a list of 30 things to see and do around Hadrian's Wall.


Take a 30 minute walk along Hadrian's Wall to explore somewhere new.


Get a selfie with a superstar; meet film 'star' and The Woodland Trust's 'Tree of the Year', Sycamore Gap.


Find Milecastle 30. To give you a few clues, it’s the most northern part of the Wall and on a well known corner.


Experience a Solway sunset. Time it well and you're in for some amazing murmurations!


Try following Hadrian's Wall through Newcastle. You might be surprised to see how much there is still to see!


Describe your favourite day on Hadrian's Wall in 30 words. Why not share then joy on social media? Don't forget to tag us!


Join us at Housesteads Roman Fort on 18th April 2017 to celebrate World Heritage Day 2017-it's a global celebration day!


Take a 30 minute trip on the Hadrian's Wall Bus. Jump off and walk back to where you started, what a great way to explore a new section of Hadrian's Wall. (14 April-1 Oct 2017)


Fly a kite this Easter. Birdoswald Roman Fort’s annual Kite Festival is not to be missed. (15-17 April 2017)


Enjoy a spectacle that's not been seen for 2000 years. Hadrian's Cavalry Turma is going to be very special - book your tickets now. (1 & 2 July 2017, Bitts Park, Carlisle)


Visit the longest running excavations at Vindolanda, nothing quite matches that moment of discovery.


Who doesn’t love a trip to the spa? The romans certainly loved it. Ravenglass Bath House remains are spectacular. Did you know they are the tallest Roman structures surviving in northern Britain?


Make your favourite sandwiches and a beverage of your choice and have a relaxing picnic at Willowford Bridge, Cumbria


Visit the Corbridge Hoard; a moment in time locked away for 2000 years - who did this treasure trove belong to?


Enjoy the Vindolanda lectures. A great chance to hear about all the latest news at this fascinating attraction.


Fancy fish and chips and Britain's best collection of Roman altars? You’ve just got to head to Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport, Cumbria


Hadrian's Cycle Way (NCN Route 72) covers the entire World Heritage Site from Ravenglass to the North East coast, it might be 174 miles long in total but try a 30 minute ride and see where you get.


Enjoy one (or ten!) of Hadrian’s Wall's superb cafes, restaurants and pubs for some excellent local food and drink.


Join' the Roman army and experience life in the empire.


Enjoy the Roman Wall Show, proof if ever it was needed that Hadrian's Wall Country is a living and breathing World Heritage Site, even today. (10th June 2017)


Feeling fit and full of energy? Add the Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon to your challenges for 2017. (25th June 2017)


Explore the northern and southern highlights of the Roman World by discovering forts at High Rochester, Bewcastle, Epiacum, Binchester and Netherby.


For breaking news of archaeological discoveries on the World Heritage Site, attend the Hadrian’s Wall Archaeology Forum in October.


One exciting exhibition, ten fab venues explore the Roman Cavalry on Hadrian's Wall this summer


Hadrian’s Wall is part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site, the only trans-national WHS in the whole world and it includes the Antonine Wall in Scotland and the German Limes. The Roman Empire however stretched across Eastern Europe and into North Africa-try learning to say hello in all the languages it passed through.


Take a different look at the Wall from an expert's point of view. Read more about our National Park rangers.


The World Heritage site extends down the Cumbrian Coast with impressive forts and fortlets. Go on...have a day at the seaside.


There are now 30 World Heritage Sites in the UK. Why not visit some of them and tick them off your list this year?


Really want to get to learn more ? Sign up for the Hadrian's Wall MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)


There are lots of ways to volunteer along the WHS-why not make 2017 your year for getting more involved?


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30 for 30

To celebrate 30 years of World Hertiage Status, we've put together a list of 30 things to see and do around Hadrian's Wall.

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