What’s happening on Hadrian’s Wall?

Don’t imagine the main action all took place centuries ago - the frontier today is the setting for drama and music, historical events, kids activities and all sorts of other tempting festivities. There are both Roman and non-Roman events aplenty for people of all ages with a vast array of interests and passions! Dark Skies stargazers, film buffs, kite-flyers, Easter egg hunters, Roman re-enactors, birds-of-prey enthusiasts and many more besides are all catered for. Whether you want to join a sponsored walk, get up close with some Roman objects, peruse incredible art installations or have your mind blown by world-class performances, you’re in the right place. The calendar is simply packed so take a look and join us!

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What's on

8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site will host a major new exhibition in 2017 celebrating the cavalry regiments that once guarded this famous North West frontier of the mighty Roman Empire.

Sites across the wall
8 Apr 2017

Come and join us for some early Easter fun, its sure to be eggciting!! 

Valley Cottage Cafe, Ingram, NE66 4LP
01434 611505
Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition at Arbeia Roman Fort.
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

Our understanding of the Roman cavalry across the frontier is regularly transformed by new discoveries.

Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum, Baring Street, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE33 2BB
0191 277 1410
Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition. Butzbach Helmet © Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins (MACM)
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

Some Roman cavalrymen were recruited from tribes elsewhere in the Empire famous for their horse skills, but all the new recruits to Hadrian’s Cavalry – and their horses – needed to be trained to fi

Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum, Buddle Street, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, NE28 6HR
0191 278 4217
Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition. Ribchester Type Helmet ® Private Loan
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

A cavalry trooper projected a powerful image. Their appearance reflected the power of the Roman Empire as well as the man behind the mask.

Great North Museum: Hancock, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE2 4PT
0191 208 6765
Art and the Roman horse - the status and role of the horse in the Roman world.
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

Ancient imagery reveals horses as essential components of the Roman world.

Corbridge Roman Town and Museum, Corbridge, Northumberland, NE45 5NT
01434 632349
Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition at Chesters Roman Fort.
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

In the tranquillity of the Chesters landscape, imagine a bustling, noisy, smelly fort filled with 500 horses.

Chesters Roman Fort and Museum, Chollerford, Northumberland, NE46 4EU
01434 681379
Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition at Housesteads Roman Fort.
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

Thirty horsemen thunder towards you brandishing spears, their extraordinary helmets glittering in the sun. Will you stand your ground?

Housesteads Roman Fort and Museum, Haydon Bridge, Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 6NN
01434 344363
Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition. Minerva Chamfron © Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins (MACM)
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

We know a lot about the Roman cavalry at Vindolanda from the objects found here. Vindolanda has produced a wealth of archaeological material that is uniquely well-preserved.

Roman Vindolanda, Chesterholm Museum, Bardon Mill, Northumberland, NE47 7JN
01434 344277
Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition at Roman Army Museum.
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

Roman cavalry were an essential component of the Roman Army. They were famously fast and deadly on the battlefield.

Roman Army Museum, Bardon Mill, Northumberland, NE47 7JN
01697 747485
Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition. Butzbach Helmet © Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins (MACM)
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

Cavalry were ideal troops for the Roman Empire’s land frontiers, projecting imperial power beyond the frontier and policing imperial territory inside the frontier.

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Castle Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8TP
01228 618718
Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition at Senhouse
8 Apr 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

The Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition at Senhouse Roman Museum will focus on goddess Epona, protector of cavalry, whose cult was amongst the many legacies brought to the frontier zone by Roman Army cava

Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6JD
01900 816168
12 Apr 2017

Wild Wednesdays are a way for children to explore, play, discover and enjoy Northumberland National Park.

The Heritage Centre, Station Yard, Woodburn Road, Bellingham, NE48 2DG
01434 611505
12 Apr 2017

Join a Ranger on one of their favourite walks in Northumberland National Park.

Walltown Quarry Country Park (National Park car park), Greenhead, Brampton, CA8 7JD
01434 611505
13 Apr 2017

Come and join Storyteller Pascale Konyn, to be part of creating a group story inspired by the landscape of Northumberland National Park

Greenhead village hall, Greenhead, Brampton, Cumbria
01434 611505
14 Apr 2017 to 17 Apr 2017

Be a challenge champion this Easter weekend! Join our quest, meet a character from the past and crack the clues as you explore Carlisle Castle.

Castle Way, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8UR
+44 01228 591922

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