Turma! Hadrian's Cavalry Charge in Carlisle
Bitts Park, Carlisle, CA3 8UZ

Turma! Hadrian's Cavalry Charge in Carlisle

On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July witness the dramatic sight of 30 cavalrymen performing intricate manoeuvres and showcasing their skills with spears and other weapons in ‘Turma! Hadrian’s Cavalry Charge in Carlisle.

See Bitts Park transformed into a Roman Cavalry pageant. Visit the mini Hadrian’s Wall visitor village – with all the forts and visitor attractions from along the Wall telling their part of the story. Food, drink and crafts will compliment the modern-day experience of the Wall. Pass through the recruiting house to discover a Roman infantry encampment. Here you will join either the red or blue team of supporters – so why not show your true colours by arriving dressed in red or blue?

The sound of trumpets will call you from the encampment to the parade ground, entering the world of the TURMA! See the remarkable sight of 30 horses in formation, performing intricate manoeuvres. Riders will test their skills at arms whilst on horseback as they compete in the Hippika Gymnasia. The show will have you holding your breath as riders mount and dismount in motion, display their skill with spears and perform interweaving manoeuvres across the arena before a dramatic finale completes the competition.

Historically, a Turma took place in a parade ground and involved a series of charges and drills that were performed on horseback. Some of the exercises the cavalrymen performed included javelin, lance and spear throwing as well as horse handling skills and manoeuvres.

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Event dates: 
1 Jul 2017 to 2 Jul 2017
Opening details: 
Events take place on Saturday at 2pm & 6pm and on Sunday at 4pm.
Pricing details: 
Early bird tickets (available until Mon 1 May) cost £6.50 for children and £9.50 for adults. Family ticket £35.00.
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The main funder of Hadrian's Cavalry is the Arts Council England's Museum Resilience Fund.


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