Campaign! – Make an Impact

Campaign! Make an Impact is an innovative initiative that uses history to inspire young people into active citizenship, ‘social action’ and the ‘Big Society’.

This simple three step model enables schools to work with museum and archive collections, and get involved in local issues. A cross-curricular programme of activity includes:

  1. Exploration of historical campaigns to show how people changed things in the past.
  2. Investigation of how these historical campaigners got their message across, comparing these methods to modern day campaigning and media techniques.
  3. Developing campaign skills, enabling and inspiring children and young people to run their own campaigns about issues that affect them today, and to get involved as active young citizens within their own communities.

The programme enables and empowers young people, raising self-esteem and building confidence in their ability to make a valuable contribution and to change things within their own lives and communities.


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