Education & Learning

Objective 15: To ensure that high-quality learning opportunities, focused on different aspects of the World Heritage Site, are experienced by all audiences through appropriate and enjoyable provision.

Policy 15a: Opportunities to work in collaboration to develop learning provision - within the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site and within the FRE - should be identified and implemented.

Policy 15b: The breadth and flexibility of the learning offer presented by the World Heritage Site should be kept under review so as to maximise the audiences and the depth of their understanding.

Policy 15c: An understanding of the learning aspirations and requirements of all relevant audiences should be researched, reviewed and understood.

Policy 15d: The opportunities offered by new technologies and by learners’ changing preferences for accessing learning should be explored and implemented.

Policy 15e: An understanding of the philosophy, operation, and effects of UNESCO World Heritage status should be promoted and should provide the context for learning.

  • Action: Develop a long-term education project that explores the potential for the delivery of positive cross-curricular education using UNESCO values.  Year 2     
  • Action: Promote affiliation to the UNESCO Schools network. Year 2
  • Action: Encourage and contribute to the development of a country-wide education programme based on World Heritage. Year 2
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