Rural Land Management

Objective 8: To achieve a sustainable balance whereby the OUV can be conserved within current and future land use.

Policy 8a: The implementation of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme should be supported across the World Heritage Site wherever this protects or better reveals the OUV.
  • Action: Monitor the implementation of Countryside Stewardship, and prioritise the mitigation of risk accordingly. Year 2​ (on going
  • Action: Undertake volunteer task-days as a programme of interventions addressing key issues of site maintenance. Year 2 (In progress, Community Champions and now with WallCAP)
Policy 8b: The maintenance of the OUV is paramount, but agricultural viability and the sustainability of woodland management should be taken into account in assessing and managing the effects of agriculture and arboriculture on vulnerable sites throughout the World Heritage Site.
Policy 8c: The contribution of traditional land-based industries to the economy of the World Heritage Site should be recognised, and opportunities should be sought for land managers to maximise the benefits from their association with the World Heritage Site so long as this is not detrimental to the OUV.
  • Action: Highlight opportunities for farmers and land managers to maximise their benefit from the World Heritage Site. Year 2
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