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AD122 Hadrian's Wall Country Bus Itinerary

The AD122, the Hadrian’s Wall Country Bus, makes it easy to explore our Roman heritage and get out and about in some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes. With modern buses, next stop announcements, stunning views and cheerful drivers, the journey is part of the experience.

Here are some suggestions for walks and visits as a family, with friends or just your own company! You can download the walks and the bus timetable from the official Hadrian’s Wall website.

Chesters fort and Humshaugh

Start/finish at Chesters fort - 15 minutes on the AD122 from Hexham station

An easy two and a half walking mile route that will take about an hour. Refreshments at the Crown Inn, Humshaugh, the George Hotel in Chollerford or the refurbished tea rooms at Chesters Roman fort. Include a visit to the fort to see the newly updated information on the site and in the charming and fascinating museum. Picnic by the banks of the Tyne where a Roman bridge once stood.

A Barbarian View of the Wall

Start/finish at Steel Rigg Car Park – 30 minutes on the AD122 from Hexham station, 15 minutes from Haltwhistle station

A fairly strenuous three and a half-mile walking route that will take about two hours, or a little more. The route follows the Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail for part of the way, then takes you north into ‘Barbarian territory, giving you a different and spectacular view of the Wall snaking along the Crags to the south. Refreshments at the Twice Brewed Inn or bring a picnic.

Hadrian’s Wall Classic

Start/finish at Housesteads Car Park – 20 minutes on the AD122 from Hexham, 25 minutes from Haltwhistle station – alternative start/finish points at Vindolanda and Twice Brewed

A strenuous seven and a half mile walking route that will take around four hours, or a little more. The route takes you along the iconic central section of Hadrian’s Wall from Houseteads to Steel Rigg then loops south to take along the Stanegate Roman road, past Vindolanda Roman fort with its amazing treasures, and back to Housesteads. Refreshments at Housesteads and the Twice Brewed Inn (and at Vindolanda if you visit the site).

Cawfields to Caw Gap

Start/finish at the Milecastle Inn – 45 minutes on the AD122 from Hexham station, 15 minutes from Haltwhistle station

A moderate two-mile route that will take you about an hour, past some of the best-preserved sections of the Wall and along the Roman Military Way. Refreshments at the Milecastle Inn.

Linear routes from Wall Town Quarry

15 minutes from Haltwhistle Station or Housesteads (20 minutes from Hexham Station)

Take the bus to either of these start points, then follow the Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail along the line of the Wall as far east or west as you like, than catch the bus back from one of the intervening stops at the Milecastle Inn or Twice Brewed.  The full route between Wall Town Quarry and Housesteads is around 9 miles of strenuous walking so you should allow four to five hours, or around one and a half to two hours for each of the three sections.

Roman forts and Museums

Use the bus to visit Chesters Roman Fort, Housesteads Roman Fort, Roman Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. All these forts and museums are top rated on Tripadvisor! Just show your AD122 bus ticket and save 10% on admission. 


Check out the events programme and use the bus to travel to brilliant events across Hadrian’s Wall.

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