Visiting Hadrian’s Wall Country: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Statement

We would like to thank the Wall's communities, and visitors for continuing to be understanding and responsible during this time.

Currently some Hadrian’s Wall attractions with open spaces are able to welcome back pre-booked visitors or offer a takeaway service. As the Government continues to ease lock-down restrictions, Hadrian's Wall attractions are continuing to look at how we can gradually reopen our visitor facilities and spaces.

For further information on Hadrian's Wall attractions please consult our partners’ websites: English Heritage, National Trust, Vindolanda Trust, Northumberland National Park Authority, Tyne and Wear Museums, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, and The Senhouse Museum

We would like to ask that visitors are responsible and continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines when visiting, what is a living and working landscape on the Wall.

Information on visiting Hadrian's Wall Country will remain available for when normal operating of the World Heritage Site resumes.

Visitng Hadrian’s Wall Country

Unlike many other historic places, Hadrian's Wall Country has something for everyone - world class archaeology, spectacular landscapes, rare wildlife, complete solitude, vibrant cities, wonderful pubs and a population of friendly and welcoming people.

Hadrian's Wall Country offers infinite opportunities for cherished memories and special moments. The sheer scale of the World Heritage Site combined with the four seasons, the living landscape and the people who live, work and visit here mean it is an ever changing canvas. It is where history is accessible to all, where adults and children learn and it is where the Romans are still part of everyday life 1,600 years after they left.

You will find something to suit every taste and budget in Hadrian's Wall Country. Steeped in history there are many Roman attractions, forts, museums and countless milecastles and turrets to explore and that’s just the Roman offer. Explore the stunning landscape of the World Heritage Site on foot, or cycle at your own ease and take in the fantastic atmosphere of the bustling cities, market towns and quaint villages you will find along the way.


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