Red or Blue, which team is for you? What to expect from Turma!

It's time to pick a team! The cavalrymen are relying on your support at Turma! and Emperor Hadrian will be in attendance so there is all to play for as you witness the drama unfold. This summer's most dramatic reenactment event Turma! Hadrian's Cavalry Live in Carlisle will be galloping into Bitts Park on Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 July for a series of unmissable events.

Families will be blown away by the intricate manoeuvres on display. Pick a team and show your true colours by turning up to Turma kitted out in red or blue to cheer on your champions. If you're reading this and haven't got your tickets yet - don't worry, you can buy them here now, which is probably best as we would  We thought we'd give you the lowdown on what to expect.

Do you have what it takes?

You will need to have your wits about you when you arrive and enter The Recruitment Centre. The entrance to the encampment is guarded by Roman soldiers who will determine whether you are fit to join the red or blue teams. Once you have been divided into teams and handed your flags, wait for the trumpet call to summon into the Parade grounds. Stragglers beware the soldier with the spear!

A Taste of Roman Pageantry 

There is plenty to keep you busy while you wait for the main event. Soak up the atmosphere as all your senses will be transported to Roman times. Tuck into wood-fired pizza and Roman honey cake while you explore The Village outside the Turma Parade Ground. Take part in chariot racing (additional charge applies), learn about the cavalrymen's equipment and clothing and try on some of their kit. The Village is flanked by Roman soldiers so there will be plenty of opportunities for great snaps with the guards as you learn more about Roman life. The Village will be open for you to enjoy from 12noon - 8pm on Saturday and 12noon - 6pm on Sunday.

The Parade Ground

The atmosphere will be bristling with anticipation as you enter the Parade Ground. Wave your team flags as Emperor Hadrian enters on horseback. Witness the drama unfold before your eyes as 30 cavalrymen canter around the arena to the cheers of the ground and perform intricate manoeuvres and demonstrate their masterful horsemanship. Turma is a nailbiting display of cavalry expertise and will be fiercely competitive - which team will win? Will it be the Reds or the Blues?

While you're here: Hadrian's Cavalry Exhibition at Tullie House

Swot up on all things Roman and make a day of it with a visit to Tullie House before Turma! where you will be wowed by their fascinating Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition.

Tullie House is a mere 8-minute walk from Bitts Park and on display you will find one of the most dazzling examples of Roman helmet - the Crosby Garrett Helmet - as well as other highly decorative helmets and equipment which illustrate the role and power of cavalry forces along the Roman frontiers.

Take advantage of exclusive admission packages available from Tullie House Museum so that you can make the most of the full Hadrian's Cavalry experience! Click here to find out more. 

What to expect - practical tips for the day

Don't blame it on the weatherman

Who knows whether it will feel like a Roman or a British summer for Turma so make sure to wear weather appropriate clothing and don't forget to hedge your bets by packing your suncream and your waterproof! 

Food and Drink

It'll be thirsty work cheering on your team at Turma and you're bound to get a bit peckish too. Catering concessions will be open and serving hot and cold refreshments or pack a picnic, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink to the event.


There are public toilets, including disabled toilets, and first aid facilities available.


There isn’t allocated seating available for the event however there will be some benches (60 in total) in the audience viewing areas, available on an unreserved basis for kids or those with difficulty in standing for long periods. There will also be an area reserved for wheelchairs users.


The car park next door to Bitts Park is available but we anticipate this is likely to fill up quickly. Don't worry, Carlisle has a number of car parks that are in walking distance from the venue - we've done the research and there are 5 car parks within 10 minutes walk but make sure to allow plenty of time to wander over, you wouldn't want to miss the action!

Public Transport

If you're coming by train or bus, both the train and bus stations are less than 15 minute walk Bitts Park. Information about public transport can be found here.

How long does the event last?

It is anticipated that the whole experience will take around 90 minutes. There isn't a time limit for you staying in the Park - take your time and enjoy the event at your own pace. The Village will be open for you to enjoy from 12noon - 8pm on Saturday and 12noon - 6pm on Sunday.


Unfortunately the only 4-legged friends to attend the event will be the cavalrymen's trusty horses. There are strictly no dogs allowed at the event unless they are required for accessibility reasons.

You can still book tickets for Turma. Make sure to book in advance as we wouldn't want you disappointed on the day!

Book your tickets here.

Box office will close 1 hour before each show but tickets can also be purchased on the door. Tickets for Saturday 1 July at 2pm are now sold out. Tickets for 6pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday are still available.

The main funder of Hadrian's Cavalry is the Arts Council England's Museum Resilience Fund.

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