Learning and Interpretation

The Learning and Interpretation Delivery Group of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site.

The key role of the group is to support/co-ordinate delivery of specific objectives, policies and actions listed in the Management plan. While learning and interpretation will have a role/impact on many of the objectives in the plan, two objectives are of specific relevance:

Objective 11: To establish and to maintain an international reputation for a range of first-class visitor experiences at attractions that offer good facilities, and diversified, integrated interpretation that is accessible, relevant and challenging to a wide range of audiences.

Objective 15: To ensure that high-quality learning opportunities, focused on different aspects of the World Heritage Site, are experienced by all audiences through appropriate and enjoyable provision.

There are two other groups that feed in to the work of this delivery group:

Hadrian’s Wall Learning Forum: which brings together the learning staff of the partners responsible for delivery along the Wall, as well as freelancers who deliver education work related to the frontier.

Hadrian’s Wall Curators Group: which brings together the curators responsible for the Roman collections along the Wall.

Membership of this group is based very much on the lead organisations delivering learning and interpretation work closely related to the WHS along its length. Membership of the group is kept under constant review to ensure we have an effective mix of representation around the table.

Bill Griffiths, (Chair), Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums
Barbara Birley, The Vindolanda Trust
Kiki Claxton, National Trust
Rob Collins, Newcastle University
Adam Goldwater, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums
Jane Laskey, Senhouse Roman Museum
Andrew Poad, National Trust
Joe Savage, English Heritage
Wendy Scott, Northumberland County Council
Anna Smalley, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery          

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