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Discover Segedunum at the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall at Wallsend, in North Tyneside. Explore the large archaeological park and museum, and climb a reconstructed section of Wall. From the 35m viewing tower, look out across the former fort to see the outlines of barrack blocks and stables, the headquarters building and the commander’s house, and take in spectacular views of the River Tyne and surrounding area. There is a large interactive museum plus full-scale reconstructions of a bath house (currently closed due to essential maintenance) and a section of Wall.

The on-site gallery tells the story of the landscape at the end of Hadrian’s Wall, and how the site around Segedunum has been shaped over 2,000 years, not just by the Romans but by significant periods of coal-mining and ship-building.

We offer free learning resources based on the museum collections at Segedunum Roman Fort. Including; teacher notes to give background information, activities and videos to use at home or in class. Plus you can book workshops for schools at both primary and secondary level.

Model of Segedunum fort from above
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