Listing Policy

The revised Hadrian’s Wall website was launched in spring 2016. The new site concentrates on attracting visitors to Hadrian’s Wall and provide them with travel, attraction and activity options.

The site works in harmony with the work of the Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) by combining resources and no longer need the destination management functionality and related operating licenses.

Accommodation listings are managed by the relevant DMO e.g. a business in Carlisle will have their listings managed by Cumbria Tourism. Accommodation listing can be booked through the DMO and therefore businesses will only pay to advertise on one site with listings information being pulled through from the DMO website. The relevant DMO to contact depending on your geographic location is:

Which other businesses will be listed?

  1. Businesses and services which have the ability attract visitors and enhance the visitor offer e.g. walking companies, restaurants and tea rooms, baggage handling companies and cycle hire companies will be listed providing they are located within ten miles of the Wall corridor.
  2. Applications from business and services which are located over ten miles from the Wall will be considered on an individual basis by the Hadrian’s Wall Marketing group providing they can satisfy at least one of the following criteria.

a.      Demonstrate direct added value to the local economy e.g. group travel operators.

b.     Provide valuable information / services which cannot be obtained from within the ten mile zone.

c.      A significant, demonstrable history of business or service delivery within the corridor.

Hadrian’s Wall Marketing Group 

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