Where are the highlights along the wall? Hadrian's Wall in Pictures

Walltown Crags on Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland. Image credit Roger Clegg.

Where are the highlights along the wall? Hadrian's Wall in Pictures

Is Hadrian's Wall on your bucket list of places to visit? If you've never visited before - let us inspire you with top spots to explore Hadrian' Wall. If  you have been hundreds of times to the Wall, there's more to explore with each trip to the Wall so why not start planning your next visit? If you've not been able to travel to Hadrian's Wall during 2020, indulge your travel desires and marvel at the rugged charm of Hadrian's Wall  with a photographic tour thanks to talented local photographer, Roger Clegg and his spectacular Hadrian's Wall Gallery of images. 

There are views for days and much to explore across the full breadth of Hadrian's Wall Country. It may be daunting to know where to start or where to go to find the most spectacular views. Local photographer Roger Clegg has captured some of the majestic views throughout the seasons along Hadrian's Wall in a series of photo galleries so you can discover the historic landmark wherever you are in the world. Roger has shared nine of his favourite areas of Hadrian's Wall with us in a series of photos and captions below. 

Black Carts 

Black Carts is at the eastern end of the amazing central section of Hadrian’s Wall. There is a long stretch of the Wall and the North Ditch. To the east the land falls away to the River North Tyne frequently creating early morning mist and fog that extends up the hill generating atmospheric pictures, especially at sunrise This can evoke the sense of a time long gone.

Sewingshields Crags

Moving west along Hadrian’s Wall we eventually come to Sewingshield Crags, the first of the crags that characterise the central section of Hadrian’s Wall. The views are spectacular and allow you to see much of the central section of Hadrian’s Wall.

Housesteads Roman Fort

Housesteads Roman Fort stands at the top of Housesteads Crags and overlooks South Tynedale and the distant North Pennines. The remains of the fort clearly show the layout of the original fort. They can be photographed against the beautiful south Northumberland landscape. 

Cuddy's Crags

Where Housesteads Crags and Cuddy’s Crags meet is one of the iconic views of Hadrian’s Wall. Views to the south take you across South Tynedale to the distant North Pennines. It is one of my favourite places - one reason is its tendency to early morning mist and fog adding a sense of history and mystery to scene.

Sycamore Gap

Sycamore Gap has become the symbol representing Hadrian’s Wall and is often referred to as Robin Hood’s Tree. It is a focal point for many visitors and endless photographers. This picture was taken on mid-summer’s night not long before midnight. The sunset at its furthest north and the the intensity of the colour had not yet faded as two walkers passed underneath the tree.

Steel Rigg 

Steel Rigg is a combination of very easy access and magnificent, extensive views of Hadrian’s Wall and South Northumberland. It is a hot spot for photographers and is prone to seasonal mists and low lying fog adding atmosphere to photographs. With easy access to the Wall it is also a place many start a good day’s walking along the Wall.

Whinshield Crags

Continuing our journey west is Winshield Crags, the highest point along Hadrian’s Wall with amazing long distance views back along the Wall beyond Sycamore Gap and across south Northumberland to the North Pennines.

Cawfield Crags

Cawfields Quarry is at the bottom of Cawfields Crags where a pool has been left from extracting stone - it is one of only two places where water is on the course of Hadrian’s Wall and for the photographer offers the opportunities for reflections.

Walltown Crags

Walltown Crags is the last of the crags that have defined the central section of Hadrian’s Wall. It then descends to Walltown Quarry and onward through Cumbria. There are splendid views to the north into the English/Scottish Border Country with its unparalleled history of war and the era of the Border Rievers. There are good photography opportunities as the Wall undulates and twists and turns.

Be inspired by more of Roger Clegg's spectacular photos with a visit to his online Hadrian's Wall Gallery and get planning your real trip to discover Hadrian's Wall in all its glory! 

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