Hadrian's Wall 1900th World Heritage Day Update

Hadrian's Wall 1900th World Heritage Day Update

 How would you celebrate Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site?

Through Fire and Light shows? Knitting a beardy hat to look like Hadrian? A stall at the local village fete? Or maybe with re-enactments, theatre, dance, film, or music festivals? These are just some of the fantastic ideas we’ve had from the Hadrian’s Wall community on how they plan to celebrate the Wall’s 1900th anniversary in 2022, we’d like to share for World Heritage Day (April 18th).

The 1900th anniversary will see a World Heritage Site celebrated through a year-long festival of events and activities. Ideas have been around much more than the Wall and the Romans (though they are a big part!), but with people wanting to explore the idea of borders, of lesser known history and characters, of people's own personal connection to the Wall and workshops to facilitate other people to find their own personal connection to the Wall.

We've had big broad themes brought up like industry, architecture, medicine, cuisine, nature, landscape, diversity, inclusion, and community, these themes evoked through all kind of events. Events featuring archaeology, stargazing, storytelling, poetry, food, guided walks, bird’s eye tours, photography, and the written word. Hadrian's Wall brought to life in hundreds of different ways and places. Events happening at village fetes, Roman ruins, the middle of cities, and online.  

From Wallsend in the East, to Bowness, Maryport, and Ravenglass in the West, there has been ideas from all corners of the World Heritage Site, the UK, and overseas.

Those wanting to get involved have come from all walks of life and backgrounds. We have had interest from individuals and their friends, famous Wall sites, businesses big and small, artists and collectives, and organisations working across, Arts, Community, Heritage, History, Tourism, Health and Wellbeing and more. What does Hadrian’s Wall mean to you, and how would you like it to be celebrated? Do you have a certain passion, talent, or story you’d like to share? 

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to fill in a call for activity. We feel inspired, and excited by the breadth and variety. If you have an idea, a talent to share, or would like to be involved but don’t quite know how yet, you can be part of this chapter. Help celebrate our World Heritage Site in 2022 by getting involved here  

Hadrian’s Wall’s anniversary is 1900 years of one of the most vibrant and storied places anywhere on earth, a place that can be celebrated in countless creative ways and will be in 2022.

Pictured: Carlisle Fireshow in 2019. Fireshows have been just one of the many ideas for Hadrian's Wall 1900. What would you like to do or see? Find out more here

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