Public Consultation: Hadrian’s Wall Management Plan 2021-2026

Inside the reconstructed Commanding Officer's house at Arbeia

Public Consultation: Hadrian’s Wall Management Plan 2021-2026

Hadrian's Wall as a World Heritage Site is a very special place, possessing an ‘outstanding universal value’ to humankind. An essential part of being a World Heritage Site is the Management Plan, which sets out why a place is special, and how a site can; be conserved, enhanced, and improve peoples' lives.

To help develop the next Management Plan for the World Heritage Site, Hadrian's Wall would like to hear from you. If you have as little as 15 minutes to spare, click the link to the online consultation: Public Consultation: Hadrian’s Wall Management Plan 2021-2026, and let us know what you think. 

The current version of the Hadrian's Wall Management Plan came to an end in 2020, and the process of updating the next phase, 2021-2026, is underway. If you would like to know more about the management system of Hadrian's Wall, you can do so here

Due to covid-19, face-to-face consultations have not been possible. Therefore, Hadrian's Wall Community Archeology Project, known as WallCAP (hosted by Newcastle University, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund), is working with the Hadrian's Wall Partnership to deliver the online questionnaire, which is the primary form of public consultation for the next management plan.

The questionnaire will be open for responses from Monday January 11 to Monday March 1, 2021, and will take approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking the time!
The additional link to the form can be found here: 

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