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07 May 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s address to the Nation on Sunday 10th May, all organisations who manage visitor attractions and facilities along Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site understand that as from today, people may be preparing to access the countryside for outdoor recreation.

We very much look forward to welcoming visitors back to Hadrian’s Wall. However, it is important to know that many of the sites and spaces are still adhering to the Government’s lock-down criteria and are...

17 Apr 2020

Hadrian’s Wall has been a regional economic driver since the Romans. Below are links to grants and information to help support individuals and businesses across the World Heritage Site, who may need support at this time. 

UK Government Information

10 Apr 2020

John Scott – Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site Management Plan Coordinator

First, a Big Thank You

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone, and I never thought I’d say this, a thank you for not visiting Hadrian’s Wall at this critical time for us all.

I’m saying thank you because I know through all the messages how much not being able to come to this area that you love and that has such a...

Hadrian's Wall Live
10 Apr 2020

John Scott and Tim Padley give a selection of Roman inspired films and books for lock down. 

As we don’t have the option of visiting our fantastic Wall at this time and getting our “Roman experience” that way it got John Scott, Management Plan Coordinator, wondering about how we might have that experience another way. As a result, he got to further thinking about what films he might want to watch over this Easter and that, in turn, reminded him of when he first arrived on Hadrian’s...

Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail
03 Apr 2020

Although at this time walking Hadrian’s Wall is not possible, the Hadrian's Wall Country will be waiting for eager visitors to return, when it is safe to do so.

A little while ago, we had a chance to chat with the well-known author and illustrator of many walking guides to both Hadrian's Wall and the nearby Lake District, Mark Richards. During our chat we were able to ask Mark about some of the interesting features he’d discovered during his time exploring Hadrian’s Wall...

Image of Volunteers on Hadrian's Wall from Vindolanda Excavations
17 Mar 2020

(Pictured: Volunteers take a break from the excavations at Vindolanda. Image courtesy of the Vindolanda Trust)

Research is always happening along Hadrian’s Wall. We’ve had the opportunity to talk to Marta Alberti, PhD candidate at Newcastle University, to discuss her research project on volunteering on Hadrian’s Wall.

So, what is this project all about?

The project, which started in 2017 and will continue until 2022, looks primarily at...

the Tombstone of Victor. Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum (copyright NU Digital Heritage, Newcastle University.)
24 Oct 2017

This blog is written as an adjunct to the National Trust’s Prejudice and Pride programme celebrating hidden LGBTQ histories.

The Emperor Hadrian was gay. He was married to the Empress Vibia Sabina, but also famously had a male lover Antinoos. Antinoos drowned in the Nile. There are several theories as to exactly how and why he died, but one thing is certain, Hadrian mourned his death...

Minerva at Vindolanda_image credit_The Vindolanda Trust
02 Aug 2017

There are just five weeks left to experience one of the biggest exhibitions of the year before it closes on Sunday 10 September.

Hadrian’s Cavalry, a unique exhibition spanning ten museum and heritage attractions across the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall, has been wowing audiences since it opened on 8 April.

Exploring the role and daily life of the Roman army’s cavalry forces, Hadrian’s Cavalry brings together a unique group of Roman cavalry objects including ornate helmets,...

26 Jul 2017

Imagine yourself: a battle-weary Pict awaiting your fate at the hands of the ruthlessly disciplined Roman Cavalry, and then you hear the sound of 2,000 hooves.

Brand new art installation at Chesters Roman Fort creates a unique way to experience Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition. Cavalry 360° is the first 'sound' installation for English Heritage and evokes the thundering sound of 500 cavalry horses who were once stationed at Chesters Roman Fort  in the 2nd century.

The Cavalry were...

27 Mar 2017

A spectacular piece of public artwork to mark the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall at Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend is now in place to greet thousands of walkers and visitors in the 2017 season.

Sentius Tectonicus is an eight and a half feet-high sculpture of a Roman centurion soldier constructed from weathering steel by North Tyneside engineering firm WD Close and trainees from AIS Connect.

His name comes from an inscription recovered close to Segedunum which reveals that a...