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the Tombstone of Victor. Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum (copyright NU Digital Heritage, Newcastle University.)
24 Oct 2017

This blog is written as an adjunct to the National Trust’s Prejudice and Pride programme celebrating hidden LGBTQ histories.

The Emperor Hadrian was gay. He was married to the Empress Vibia Sabina, but also famously had a male lover Antinoos. Antinoos drowned in the Nile. There are several theories as to exactly how and why he died, but one thing is certain, Hadrian mourned his death...

Minerva at Vindolanda_image credit_The Vindolanda Trust
02 Aug 2017

There are just five weeks left to experience one of the biggest exhibitions of the year before it closes on Sunday 10 September.

Hadrian’s Cavalry, a unique exhibition spanning ten museum and heritage attractions across the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall, has been wowing audiences since it opened on 8 April.

Exploring the role and daily life of the Roman army’s cavalry forces, Hadrian’s Cavalry brings together a unique group of Roman cavalry objects including ornate helmets,...

26 Jul 2017

Imagine yourself: a battle-weary Pict awaiting your fate at the hands of the ruthlessly disciplined Roman Cavalry, and then you hear the sound of 2,000 hooves.

Brand new art installation at Chesters Roman Fort creates a unique way to experience Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition. Cavalry 360° is the first 'sound' installation for English Heritage and evokes the thundering sound of 500 cavalry horses who were once stationed at Chesters Roman Fort  in the 2nd century.

The Cavalry were...

27 Mar 2017

A spectacular piece of public artwork to mark the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall at Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend is now in place to greet thousands of walkers and visitors in the 2017 season.

Sentius Tectonicus is an eight and a half feet-high sculpture of a Roman centurion soldier constructed from weathering steel by North Tyneside engineering firm WD Close and trainees from AIS Connect.

His name comes from an inscription recovered close to Segedunum which reveals that a...

The Crosby Garrett helmet late 1st-2nd century AD (bronze) Roman  Private Collection  Photo  Christie's Images  Bridgeman Images
15 Mar 2017

Image Credit: The Crosby Garrett helmet late 1st-2nd century AD (bronze) Roman  Private Collection  Photo © Christie's Images / Bridgeman Images

One of the most significant archaeological finds in Britain is to return to Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery as part of the upcoming Hadrian’s Cavalry exhibition (, which opens on Saturday 8 April 2017.

The Crosby...

01 Mar 2017

The dramatic sight of 30 cavalrymen performing intricate manoeuvres and showcasing their skills with javelins and other weapons can be seen in Carlisle on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July in ‘Turma! Hadrian’s Cavalry Charge in Carlisle’.

Tickets to attend this unique event celebrating the accession of Hadrian to the Imperial Roman throne 1,900 years ago go on sale from Friday 3 March.

Part of Hadrian’s Cavalry (www....

Hadrians Cavalry
05 Dec 2016

Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site is to host a major new exhibition in 2017 celebrating the cavalry regiments that once guarded this famous North West frontier of the mighty Roman Empire.

Taking place from Saturday 8 April to Sunday 10 September 2017, Hadrian’s Cavalry explores the role and daily life of the Roman army’s cavalry forces in a unique wall-wide exhibition that stretches the full 150 miles of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site area – from Maryport in the west to South...

Apollo Cleaned
13 Sep 2016

More than 350 Roman shoes are among a number of exciting discoveries which have been unearthed along Hadrian’s Wall. At Vindolanda, near Bardon Mill in Northumberland and on urban Tyneside archaeologists and volunteers have been digging to uncover the history of the Wall.

The shoes, which have been discovered during excavations at Vindolanda since April, include small children’s shoes, ladies’ shoes and large army marching boots. The footwear is all either well-worn or has been  ...

Hadrian's Wall Cavalry news
16 Aug 2016

The highlight of the re-enactment programme is a spectacular 2 day Turma show to be held in Bitts Park, Carlisle on 1st and 2nd July 2017. The Turma show will bring together for the first time in 2,000 years a 30 strong troop of Roman cavalry, performing the training exercises described by Hadrian himself.

Other events proposed include cavalry shows with 3 or more mounted soldiers complete with authentic arms and armour and horse furniture and representing the...

15 Aug 2016

Isabella Scott is a history graduate from Hexham. She might now live and work in Glasgow but she grew up in Hexham and still refers to it as home. So we asked Isabella to describe her day out with friends and get an insiders’ view on how to spend a day when she gets a chance to visit ‘home’ and show off the World Heritage Site on the doorstep.  These are the highlights of a day with friends on Hadrian’s Wall.

We start the day with an essential coffee as one of the best ways...