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01 Apr 2016

A project which engages local people in the vital work of conserving the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site (WHS) has recently completed its first year and is now seeking new volunteers for 2016.

WallWatch trains volunteers to monitor the condition of the World Heritage Site and equips them with the skills necessary to undertake surveys of the Wall itself and other archaeological remains.

The results are already proving key to the future management of one of...

29 Mar 2016

Toilet seats and potter’s wheels – rare preserved artefacts of everyday Roman life to be seen by public for first time

The Vindolanda Trust has gained initial support* for a £1.3m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to secure the future of its internationally significant collection of wooden Roman artefacts and enable the public to see them for the first time.

Best known as the...

18 Mar 2016

Throughout the summer, visitors to some of Britain’s most historic locations will be able to explore a “new ruin”: the Mansio.

Imagine a travelling Roman ruin made from a semi-translucent material: a reception area, a tower, a small viewing space, and when the weather is good, an outdoor courtyard. This is the Mansio. A travelling, specially designed, venue where commissioned pieces of work by leading contemporary poets and authors will be staged and shared with the public. It is the...

18 Mar 2016

17 March 2016

A busy Northumberland bus route has secured funding which should bring legions of tourists to Hadrian’s Wall over the next four years.

The AD122...