Cumbria, United Kingdom


A city steeped in history Carlisle is known as the ‘great border city’ and today is a vibrant place with great shops, a variety of places to eat and drink, and lots of culture from museums and galleries, to theatre, music, comedy and events.

In Roman times Carlisle was known as ‘Luguvalium’ and was an important fort and civitas. The interactive Roman Gallery at Tullie House Museum explores how life changed when the Romans arrived in Carlisle and investigates the difference between life 2000 years ago and global frontiers today.

Carlisle’s location made for a turbulent past with frequent battles between the English and the Scots for possession. It was the most besieged place in the British Isles (held to siege 10 times in its history) and has played an important role in many key events that shaped the country. Carlisle Castle was a vital part of the defense of the city; today it a much loved landmark and visitor attraction and has many stories to tell!

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