Harrows Scar
Harrows Scar Milecastle and Wall
Gilsland, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 7DD

Harrows Scar Milecastle and Wall

A mile-long section of the Wall, rebuilt in stone later in Hadrian's reign. It is linked to Birdoswald Roman Fort.

Hadrian’s Wall, begun in AD 122, was originally built of turf from the western end of the Wall at Bowness on Solway as far as Harrows Scar Milecastle. This turf structure was later replaced in stone. Between Harrows Scar Milecastle and the Roman fort at Birdoswald, 400 metres to the west, a length of the Wall survives up to 2 metres high, and contains a number of Roman inscriptions and phallic symbols that have been left in place. This part of Hadrian’s Wall has played an important role in understanding the Wall’s building sequence.

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1⁄4 mile east of Birdoswald, on minor road off B6318
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