Leahill Turret and Piper Sike Turret
Leahill Turret and Piper Sike Turret
Wall Bowers, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2BX

Leahill Turret and Piper Sike Turret

The three-mile stretch of Hadrian's Wall that survives west of Birdoswald Roman Fort in Cumbria tells us much about how the Wall worked and developed. The remains here include Leahill and Piper Sike turrets, which were built in stone in the early 2nd century AD. Originally there were two such turrets to every Roman mile along Hadrian's Wall, each manned by a few soldiers watching over the frontier. The Wall in this sector was first built of turf, but was later replaced in stone, incorporating these turrets.  

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On minor road 2 miles west of Birdoswald Fort
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