Cawfields Quarry Picnic Site and Milecastle 42

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Cawfields Roman Wall and Milecastle


Cawfields, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, NE49 9PJ


44 (0)870 333 1181

Cawfields Roman Wall and Milecastle

Where Hadrian's Wall hangs on the edge of the sheer crags of the Whin Sill. Cawfields is a former quarry cutting dramatically through the Wall and the underlying Whin Sill dolerite bedrock.

Cawfields is situated on a steep slope on one of the highest standing sections of Hadrian’s Wall. Just a 10-minute walk from the car park and picnic site nearby, there is Milecastle 42, which was probably built by the Second Legion. This impressive structure was probably built to protect the weak spot of Hole Gap.

Cawfields Picnic Site is a former quarry that cut through the Wall to access the underlying Whin Sill dolerite bedrock. Today, it is an attractive site with a large pond, picnic tables and car park with toilets (open 24 hours) including a Changing Places facility.

Cawfields is also located within the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park and offers you some of the darkest skies in England, perfect for stargazing!

Cawfields Quarry and Lake
Image of Cawfields Quarry

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