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Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Hadrian’s Wall) World Heritage Site Management Plan Review

Please share your thoughts on the Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Hadrian’s Wall) World Heritage Site. This feedback will inform the shape of the upcoming Management Plan (2024+).

The Management Plan identifies issues and opportunities within the Site and importantly presents an action plan so that we can all be part of its implementation.

Issues include:

  • Conservation and Research of this unique place
  • Education and the Interpretation of the Site
  • Sustainability and the opportunities for Hadrian’s Wall Country as a great place to live, work and visit.

The plan is being prepared by the Hadrian’s Wall Partnership with the help of all the partner organisations and individuals that make up this wonderful yet complex World Heritage Site.

Why your views matter

We want to hear your thoughts on the Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Hadrian’s Wall) World Heritage Site. This is an opportunity to say what matters to you and to help find exciting ways to address these issues in a world where we all know resources are tight.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone has their voice heard when it comes to the management of the World Heritage Site. We all have our own interests and understanding and we appreciate that new and exciting ideas come from these numerous different viewpoints. We’d like to hear your opinions on the way the World Heritage Site is looked after, specifically whether you feel we are doing enough to protect and enhance the Site, and any other ideas or suggestions which you may have to make a positive impact, however large or small.

To make the process as clear and easy as possible, we have some suggested updates to the previous Objectives, Policies and Actions for you to consider.

Click here to review the new draft Objectives, Policies and Actions.

We would also like to encourage feedback on the wider plan, these documents can be found by clicking here. These are the documents required by UNESCO for any World Heritage Site management system.

This public consultation is open until 5pm on 31st December 2023. Please feel free to give your feedback using the form here.

Experience has shown that for Hadrian’s Wall Management Plans, less is definitely more. By focusing on those key achievable priorities, we really have been able to focus minds and seek resources to get things done. We need to do that again in this plan and we will with your help!

What happens next?

The feedback received will be analysed, considered and used to update and modify the Management Plan. The updated version of the Management Plan will replace the current version in the spring 2024.

Thank you for your valuable time and energy.

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