Hadrian's Wall

A World Heritage Site since 1987, Hadrian’s Wall is an astounding feat of engineering. It’s the best known and the best preserved frontier of the Roman Empire. When Hadrian’s men set out to construct it they were faced with a relentlessly challenging and variable landscape to conquer. Not the fierce torrents of fast rivers, the hard rock of the Whin Sill, nor mile upon mile of rolling hills would defeat them. The Wall is Britain’s most impressive and most important Roman monument. Together with the Antonine Wall and the Upper German Raetian Limes, it forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire.’ 

There are views for days and much to explore across the full breadth of Hadrian's Wall Country. It may be daunting to know where to start or where to go to find the most spectacular views. Local photographer Roger Clegg has captured the majestic views along Hadrian's Wall in a series of photo galleries so you can explore the historic landmark wherever you are in the world.


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