• Welcome to Hadrian's Wall
    The northern frontier of a mighty empire that once covered the known world.
  • Welcome to Hadrian's Wall
    The northern frontier of a mighty empire that once covered the known world.
  • Welcome to Hadrian's Wall
    The northern frontier of a mighty empire that once covered the known world.

Hadrian's Wall Country

Hadrian's Wall Country and Covid 19/Coronavirus information. Please find a statement by the World Heritage Site Coordinator and Hadrian's Wall Country, and information for businesses operating along Hadrian's Wall, with links to funding and support.

Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site and Coronavirus: A Statement by the World Heritage Site Coordinator.


Hello Everyone,

I hope this message finds you well.

My name is John Scott, I am the Management Plan Coordinator for the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site.

I have wanted to wait before sending out this message, so as not to get in the way of the immensely important guidance from our respective health authorities, guidance that we should all follow to protect ourselves and our communities. No words that I can add can really express the importance of doing our best and playing our role in combating this difficult situation.

In my role, I have the opportunity to work alongside the hundreds of partners who are dedicated to conserving, researching, and sharing this special place called Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site, so people can discover and learn from it now and into the future. We all enjoy our jobs and take the responsibilities of these roles very seriously. However, we unfortunately find ourselves in a time that is very far from normal for all of us and so I wanted to say a few words on behalf of the cast of thousands that call beautiful Hadrian’s Wall Country home, and for who it is a way of life, be they business and organisations, both big and small, or the many individuals with incredibly strong personal connections.

Over the last week our various partners have justly followed UK government advice and temporarily closed their doors to help fight the spread of COVID-19. For the people at these sites, this is their livelihood and their passion. I have had a chance to talk with a number of people from across the World Heritage Site and one thing comes through time and again, which is just how desperately sad they are not to be able to share this special place with you at this moment in time. So much of their time and energy is put into preparations every year, getting ready for the sunshine, and the chance to welcome you through their doors, and 2020 was no different, until now.

So with that in mind, while we are unable to welcome you in person, we plan to come to you via our website and social media channels. We will do our best to share stories and pictures from across the World Heritage Site, maybe we can introduce you to some of the people that make this place what it is, especially those people you don’t get to normally see but who play an important role in making the area ‘tick’. We will try and bring you stories from east to west, historical and modern, with plenty of gorgeous pictures so you are in the know. If you are a regular visitor then maybe we can highlight some old favourites and help you discover new places. If you have always wanted to visit then we will try and bring some inspiration so you get the most out of that first trip and hopefully you can all share your own stories of Hadrian’s Wall to help others plan their next adventure.

We also promise to use our time here to plan to make Hadrian’s Wall the best it possibly can be, and ready for your return. We have events to plan, learning programmes to develop, signs to replace, and the National Trail will look even more special given an extra bit of time to rest.

So, all we ask in return is that you seriously follow all the government’s advice, so that we can halt this virus in its tracks and once it’s safe to do so, we can welcome you back to share this amazing place.

John Scott

World Heritage Site Coordinator


Hadrian’s Wall Country: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Statement

Updated: 24/03/2020

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic we cannot reccomend visiting Hadrian's Wall, at this time.
Hadrian's Wall Country is operating within current government guidance which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus
The latest advice from the NHS regarding the virus can be found here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/.

Hadrian’s Wall, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, exists for the public good. We will continue to promote our cultural and heritage assets through digital means at this time.

The health and safety of visitors, staff, and residents is the main priority of all organisations operating along the line of Hadrian’s Wall and we will continue to act in accordance with the published guidelines issued by the Chief Medical Officer, Public Health England.


Information about funding and support for businesses and organisations along Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site

Hadrian’s Wall had been a regional economic driver since the Romans. Below are links to grants and information to help support individuals and businesses across the World Heritage Site, and sectors at this time.

UK Government Information


Federation of Small Business


Hadrian’s Wall Regional advice and funding

Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site runs for over 100 miles across multiple counties, below is information and links to local councils;


Heritage, Culture, and Tourism Sector

  • The National Lottery has launched the Heritage Emergency Fund to support the heritage sector with grants and information:




Support from community organisations, LEPs, and destination managers



Updated 03/04/2020

The northern frontier of a mighty empire that once covered the known world.

For around three centuries, Hadrian’s Wall was a vibrant, multi-cultured frontier sprawling almost 80 miles coast-to-coast. Built by a force of 15,000 men in under six years, it’s as astounding today for its sheer vision as it is for its engineering. Milecastles, barracks, ramparts and forts punctuate a diverse landscape that provides a dramatic backdrop.

Explore bath houses, turrets and shrines, visit galleries and museums and watch live excavations uncover fresh details of ancient Roman Britain before your eyes. However you discover it, Hadrian’s Wall is a unique, must-see monument and a remarkable place to experience.

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Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail
Fri, 03/04/2020 - 16:54

Although at this time walking Hadrian’s Wall is not possible, the Hadrian's Wall Country will be waiting for eager visitors to return, when it is safe to do so.